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Our current worldview says that the smoky images of banks in ruins, long-dead creek beds overflowing, buildings collapsing into floodwaters, droughts, fires, and the question of whether Trump will go to jail are all distinct, unrelated news items.

But the greatest engineer, entrepreneur, and designer of all—Mother Nature—knows it is all connected and in her wisdom we can find how to avoid systemic collapse.

Taking a cue from her genius, we can see a vast and universal network, the original world wide web, and a combination of AI and looking at capitalism through a lens of regeneration and biomimicry can bring us beautiful solutions we not only need, but fundamentally crave.

Last week I was on a solo vision quest in the high desert outside of Joshua Tree, completely off the grid. The stunning sand-scapes, towering boulders, and brilliant sun and moon rises were awe-inspiring. Remembering my interconnection with the world around me and feeling my being-ness as part of nature was healing and rejuvenating. The scariest news was a relatively-fresh pile of Black Bear scat near my tent. Upon my return to connectivity—internet connectivity that is, because I had felt ultimately connected while off the grid—the news of the day brings anxiousness, fear, and overwhelm not experienced in the wilderness.

As I write, the Federal Reserve is holding a rate-setting meeting in which the central bank will seek to balance inflation and banking sector concerns. We all (sort of) know what is happening with SVB, what happened with Credit Suisse, and wonder what may happen with First Republic.

“What you’re going to wind up with is a Fed that will probably be a little bit more focused on inflation and they’re going to deal with the banking situation as it comes up,” says wealth adviser and market strategist Paul Nolte in a recent Reuters article on bank stability.

As it comes up. This approach is not how to avert systemic collapse but it is at the root of the greatest challenges of our time. For too long, and amplified exponentially during the industrial and technological revolutions, we see in businesses and banks and people and even plants and oceans and mountain ranges, parts of a machine rather than an interconnected system. Economic collapse and institutional failure does not just come up. Caricatures like Trump do not just get elected out of nowhere. War in Ukraine, reproductive rights going backward, soaring interest rates and out of control rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide, this doesn’t just all happen. Rather, it is all part of a complex network, an ecosystem including all energies and living things interacting with each other.

It is a world wide web that was created long before 1989, when Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist, invented the World Wide Web (WWW) while working at CERN, and we are completely and wholly disconnected from it. When was the last time you gave thanks to the sun for coming up today, and all that brings with it (food and life, for example)? Yes, that’s what I thought.

It is time to remember our interconnection goes well beyond anything that starts with www. Looking at the greatest engineer, designer, and entrepreneur of all—Mother Nature—we can see that a combination of AI and viewing capitalism through a lens of regeneration and biomimicry can bring us the beautiful solutions we not only need, but fundamentally crave. 

Imagine the magic that could happen when the power of regenerative capitalism—a notion first put forth by economist and impact investor John Fullerton, referring to business practices that restore and build rather than exploit and destroy—and AI meet the power of the design brilliance found in nature. 

Apply this to business development, leadership, architecture, change management. The results are more sustainable, efficient, effective, and rewarding. True, it will require a shift to including our earth as the controlling shareholder in dividend distributions but it does not at all eliminate profit and luxury and the mental health and human capital rewards will make CEOs, SVPs, and HR Directors the world over quite happy.

The combination of AI, biomimicry, regenerative business, and capitalism can create a powerful force for positive impact with greater profits than any of the heads of currently-collapsing banks dared ever dream. I catch a glimpse of it every time I go out in nature.