Inspired by a call to listen to the wisdom of Nature, this documentary film is an exploration of landscapes both internal and external as we journey from the high desert near Joshua Tree, to the mountain scapes of Wyoming, and the frontier of AI engineering. Meet visionary leaders who are translating Nature’s 3.7-billion-year-old genius into solutions that address the greatest challenges of our time, unveiling the transformative power of nature connection as a guiding light in troubled times.

“I have all the answers you need.
You just need to listen to me more.” — Mother Earth


In the waves of golden sand and burnished pink rock that are the Mojave Desert, a pioneering bridge builder between Indigenous and ancient wisdom ways is out on the land, his 49th year of leading Vision Quests. His daughter is out on her 19th Quest. On her second night of solo, a message from the Earth inspires a journey that sheds light on cross-sector leaders using Nature’s 3.7-billion-year-old genius principles and designs to craft solutions to the greatest challenges of our times. LISTEN follows the protagonist from Quest to meeting these visionary change makers, and threads together stories both personal and global, that inspire active hope.




Nature Connection


$7T health, wellness, tech, and outdoor recreation sectors

February—October, 2024


In all ways and always, we humbly acknowledge the Indigenous people, plants, and animals who came before us. We pay our respect to, and live with appreciation for, the Elders who hold the traditions and memories that guide us toward a sustainable and regenerative future. We serve our children who inspire us daily, all of the children of the world, and the sacred web of life of which we are all a part.


Nicole Danek Pinkson MacNaughton


Dr. Tom "tomás" Pinkson

Wisdom Elder, Spiritual Medicine Teacher, Vision Quest and Plant Ceremony Leader

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