A Quest for Vision to Regenerate & Lead in to the Future

September 8—10, 2023 | Santa Barbara, CA
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JOIN US for this exclusive women’s weekend, a time to step away from burnout, lay offs, the tech race, depression, anxiety, and systems collapsing all around us because, the REGENERATIVE REVOLUTION is also underway—and it’s time for you to find your purpose in this new era.

On the beautiful coast of California, in a private home surrounded by Mother Nature and the sound of waves, your Quest is built upon Indigenous and nature-based wisdom teachings. Group ceremonies, reflection exercises, solo time, and gentle physical movement will engage your body while also opening your heart and mind. Meals will be plant based and prepared using locally grown, fresh, and organic produce.




DAY ONE: Friday, September 8, 2023

  • Arrival between 12:00 and 2:00 pm PT
  • 2:00 pm Introductions and Welcome ceremony
  • Solo reflection time
  • Dinner
  • Sacred Circle and Give Away ceremony

DAY TWO: Saturday, September 9, 2023

  • Morning ceremony
  • Movement session
  • Five Bowls ceremony
  • Prayer Arrow exercise
  • Solo reflection time
  • Breaking fast together, into dinner
  • Sweet Medicine and Fire ceremony

DAY THREE: Sunday, September 10, 2023

  • Breakfast
  • Ecosystem exercise
  • Integration ceremony
  • Clean up
  • Closing ceremony

Pause & Connect

Taking time to pause and connect with Mother Nature, and your own inner nature, is a tradition used for millennia by peoples seeking guidance and wisdom for a better life. The pause is a critical step in all life cycles, and necessary for success in all life forms. The NATUREWISE WOMEN’S WEEKEND is an opportunity to pause, connect, and meet the challenges of the times with renewed energy and clear vision—personally, professionally, and globally.

Rest & Regenerate

Naturewise thinking recognizes that that which has been degraded or damaged requires rest in order to heal, regenerate, and innovate. You know what has hurt and depleted you. This is your time to rest and regenerate. You must do this for yourself, your family, your friends, your team, and life on earth, as we together move from a mechanistic to living-systems worldview—and lead the way into a regenerative future.

Love, Lead, Thrive

By recognizing your being as part of a living system, you can love and care better for yourself—mentally and physically—which means you are a happier, healthier human, which makes you a better parent/friend/partner/leader. “This is leading with love,” says Dr. Tom Pinkson, “and love is being a channel for healing.” Our NATUREWISE WOMEN’S WEEKEND will support you in elevating and propelling these regenerative principles to thrive in your own life and our shared world.

“The wisdom and brilliance of nature can guide us to not just a sustainable future, but to a regenerative one—an exciting, optimistic, and hope-filled singularity driven by a living systems worldview.” — Kimberly Pinkson

Your Guide

Kimberly Pinkson went on her first Vision Quest when she was just 13-years old, with her Dad, Dr. Tom “Tomás” Pinkson. The ceremonies and traditions you will experience on this NATUREWISE WOMEN’S WEEKEND carry on the lineage and teachings Dr. Pinkson was given by his Indigenous mentors beginning over 55 years ago. Imbued with this ancient wisdom, the style and strength modeled to her by her mom and grandmothers, and the experience gained as an impact entrepreneur, Kimberly welcomes you to join her on a path of open-hearted and regenerative leadership and living. She has led classes and retreats around the world and been a keynote speaker on sustainability, children in nature, and the power of moms at conferences such as Bioneers, The World Women’s Conference in Seoul, Korea, the North Carolina Women’s Conference, and Natural Products Expos East and West; she has also been a media analyst on channels such as TODAY, 20/20, and Bloomberg, and she has worked with brands such as Stonyfield Farms, WalMart, Method, Nissan, and NBC Universal.



Plan to fly into Santa Barbara Airport for a quick 15 minute drive to the private home where our retreat will be. You may also fly into Los Angeles International Airport and drive approximately one hour and forty-five minutes north along the California coast. If you fly into Santa Barbara, we can arrange your transportation to and from the airport.


This three-day retreat includes beachfront accommodations, meals, and guided ceremonies, exercise, and a fully-immersive regenerative experience.

$1,900 single accommodations | Limited scholarships are available; please inquire.

*In addition to the retreat package price, each traveler is responsible for individual travel expenses so as to have the options to use miles, upgrades, and plan the itinerary that works best for you.

Save Your Space

To reserve your spot, Venmo or PayPal Kimberly Pinkson by May 18, 2023. Due to the limited space and exclusivity, we anticipate that this event will fill quickly.

Upon reserving your spot, you will receive details about the location as well as more information to prepare for your Quest.

Questions? Contact nicmacnaughton@gmail.com for more information.


In all ways and always, we humbly acknowledge the Indigenous plants, animals, and peoples who came before us. We pay our respect and live with appreciation for the elders who hold the traditions and memories that guide us toward a sustainable and regenerative future. We serve our children who inspire us daily, all of the children of the world, and the sacred web of life of which we are all a part.