Meet the Team
Kimberly + Nicole

We were fortunate to grow up with loving and what some would call visionary parents. Our dad is a psychologist and shaman who was leading plant medicine ceremonies and Vision Quest rites of passages long before GQ, Vanity Fair, and Quartz were doing feature stories on these healing practices. Our mom is a pediatric nurse who was extolling the values of organic and local long before the words “green” “eco” or “sustainable” were a thing. Together, they taught us two things:

  1. Work it out because you are stronger together and,
  2. Nature knows best.

As a global citizenry, we need this wisdom now more than ever before for there is no part of our biosphere that is not under threat of extinction and systems are collapsing. GET IN TOUCH and let’s talk about how we can use this wisdom to help you lead in this new era.

Kim and Nic

Nature provides us with a compass to follow and support innovative, and regenerative Social Entrepreneurship, Brand Development, Strategic Impact Planning, Social Media Management, and Corporate Communications.

This is what inspires and guides us, as we support you to create, optimize impact, excel, and thrive. TELL US, how can we be of service?

Kimberly Danek Pinkson

Kimberly’s sense of awe at the genius of Nature began at an early age, when her experiences with her father’s work with Indigenous leaders imbued in her a deep sense of the web of life and our global interconnection. She completed her first Native American-based Vision Quest at the age of thirteen which inspired a mission-driven career and a commitment to following the wisdom of Nature to meet the challenges of the times and promote a regenerative future.

With a background in social entrepreneurship and for-benefit impact strategy, Kimberly has:

  • built and sold a pioneering green company in 2006 (EcoMom®)
  • developed, inspired, and trained an international network of 20,000+ EcoMom key influencers and community organizers (EcoMom Alliance) throughout North America, Asia Pacific, EMEA, and Latin America
  • over thirty years of experience working with brands and international campaigns for companies and organizations such as Nike, Seventh Generation, WalMart, Stonyfield Farms, Sierra Club, UNEP, and Mercedes Benz.

With her work as a bridge builder between natural solutions and the challenges of the times, Kimberly has been a popular guest on media outlets such as:

  • 20/20
  • CNBC
  • Bloomberg

An inspiring speaker, Kimberly has presented on Children in Nature, Marketing to Moms, GMOs,  Regenerative Business, and Why You Matter, at international conferences such as:

  • World Women’s Forum in Korea
  • Bioneers
  • Natural Products Expos East and West

Kimberly holds a degree in psychology and dance from UCLA and the University of Hawaii. Her first career as a professional dancer and choreographer continues to inform her creative, graceful, and authentic approach to business success and inspirational leadership.

As a mother, aunti, aspiring pummeler (her brand of surfing), former rock climber, and avid backpacker and snowboarder, Kimberly is committed to inspiring hope, responding to the challenges of our times utilizing the brilliance of natural systems and design. She lives in Santa Barbara, California with her Shepherd-mix pup and family.

Nicole Pinkson MacNaughton

A natural community builder and with a proven background as a brand builder and marketing strategist, Nicole has:

  • built successful client relationships and networks
  • partnered with established voices and national brands, and
  • helped launch start-ups grow their audience and income.

Nicole is a strategic partner with a passion for building impactful, exceptional brands and consumer experiences. She excels at:

  • connecting with customers
  • leading sales campaigns
  • social media marketing
  • event planning
  • program design
  • developing content
  • consistent brand messaging

Nicole works cross-functionally to ensure success from start to finish. She is passionate about brand building and crafting stories and visuals to facilitate business growth and success. Nicole was a member of the leadership team that brought Billabong USA to North America and a co-founder of EcoMom®.

Inspired by her time as an athlete and artist, and driven to connect people and make dreams come true, Nicole is also a talent manager with Untamed Artists LA.