Because A Youth Crisis Is Our Crisis

Because a Youth Crisis is Our Crisis

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Nature Connection Rites of Passages
Because a Youth Crisis is Our Crisis

“One in six children aged 6-17 has a mental health disorder annually, but only one in five receive appropriate care.” Centers for Disease Control, January 2024


Amid the stressors of the times—from social media to climate change, school shootings, academic pressures, and racial and social unrest and division—our young people are experiencing rates of anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation as never before seen in modern times.

Our children are literally being born into a world on fire, looking for hope on screens and devices, connection through wifi, when Nature Connection is the greatest

The crisis:

Lack of hope

Identity crisis

Negativity bias and fear conditioning

Born into a world on fire

Falsely advertised connections (social media, technology, money, fame)

A culture of conditioning


What we believe is needed


A return to wholeness through recognizing our interdependence to the natural world (Reverence)


Growing connection through acts of “being with” nature with open ears and an open heart. (Curiosity)


Reclaiming our universal oneness with everything by letting go of our small self “ego” identity and joining with the larger cosmic reality. (Surrender/Sacrifice)


Learning to trust ourselves again by trusting nature. (Faith)


Returning to a spirit of joy and curiosity about the great mystery and how we are NEEDED each and every one of us for our gifts in this life. (Purpose)


One way up the mountain 🏔️


Rights of passage: A quest for vision


A sense of desire to be held by Mother Earth so to return back to the source of ourself.


A test and challenge to build resiliency while held in a safe and loving container.


Remembering our spirit again


Growing our connection to earth so we can fuel our own internal fire and give back.


Connecting to nature and source has to be experiencial and felt to remember it. It cannot be taught in to the mind because the mind does not know how to translate it to a feeling.


We must learn to feel again! If we are numb to the pain of the earth then we cut ourselves off from source.


And so we go to source to feel it all and therefore remember what it means to live!


Kim’s Riffs:


“Knowing that each of us matters”


“If nothing we do matters then why are we here?”


“Nature helps us realize we matter!”



HAre you ready

How do you scale without losing your heart?

How do you build—or rebuild—passion and a sense of shared purpose?


Inquire About Regenerative Leadership

Ocean Wave

The Wisdom of Waves

In nature and technology, electronics and biology, regeneration and cyclical waves are part of the process in which an organism heals from past loss or injury and prepares for new growth. The same is true for you and your team.

Be Ready to Lead In A Quickly Changing World

The Pause

  1. The Earth, the cosmos, all creation is alive, conscious and interwoven in a seamless web of interconnectedness at One with Infinite Spirit; i.e., we have divinity within us
    2.  Reciprocity is sacred; we are responsible to do our part in maintaining harmony and balance by giving back to spirit, not just taking
    3.  We are not here by accident, we have sacred purpose in being here with a heart path that will lead us to completion in this life
    4.  We are entrusted with spiritual gifts that is our responsibility to develop and share with our fellow beings
    5.  We have access to the infinite creating wisdom-power energy of the universe
    6.  We have totem allies and ancestor spirits to help us in our work, we are not alone
    7.  There are spiritual energies that come to us through grace from each of the seven directions of the universe – the medicine wheel
    8.  We are here to serve higher will, not ego
    9.  It is not about surviving. It is about waking up and thriving through skillful use of alternate states of consciousness
    10.We are multidimensional spiritual beings having a human experience; we are love and our love is for giving.
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