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History repeating itself, from Hungary in 1956 to Ukraine in 2022

History repeating itself

In 1956, my mother’s family fled Budapest after Communist Russian tanks took over their home, killing innocent children, teens, parents, and grandparents who got in their way or dared speak up for freedom, much like what is happening today in Ukraine. My sister and I, and our children, are here today, because my mom and her parents and sister made it to America. Yesterday, she talked with her cousin who still lives in Hungary. Together, they prayed for the people of Ukraine and then, that Communist tanks would not once again roll into their homeland.

My heart aches that 66 years since my 11-year old mom grabbed her little sister’s hand and ran down the street hiding in doorways trying to not get shot, we as a global citizenry have not yet evolved to live in peace among our fellow humanity; that we are once again watching a ruthless Russian egomaniac kill innocent human beings in the name of land, greed, money, and power; that some of my fellow Americans think this is ok because they don’t take the time to learn more than that which flashes across their screen in entertainment billed as news; that some current American “leadership” is praising Putin….this is not ok.

Peace is possible

Back in the nineties, I was working with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) as they embarked on a research study on peace and conflict. They found that no, we are not destined to violence and killing; we can live together peacefully. How to stop war and climate change?

  • Educate yourself via a broad range of media and news outlets.
  • Know that with every Like, Click, and Follow, platform algorithms feed you more of that same content, so you can easily end up living in a silo of filtered information rather than with a holistic worldview. (On this note, learn about how to use AI for good rather than letting it control you.)
  • Plan a regenerative and peacemaking productivity session for you and your team.
  • Remember we are all connected; there was a time we knew that.
  • Choose peace.

The only fight for our times

Today, the only thing we should be fighting is climate change and environmental destruction and the only way we will win this war is together. Enough is enough. Change begins with each of us.